Things to do in Cheshire

Things to do in Cheshire

So you’re planning you trip to Cheshire and have found your bed and breakfast for that perfect stay….now what to do! The chances are you have already found lots of things to do in Cheshire and around this beautiful county so we thought we would bring you some of our favorite things to do whilst our bed and breakfast Cheshire site is getting up and running

Chester Zoo – save on entrance tickets (See below)

Things to do in Cheshire


This has to be one of our favorite places to visit, not just in Cheshire but the whole of the U.K.!  It is an amazing day out and I don’t think we need to really go on about the many things that you can see and do!  It has just recently had it’s new Islands at Chester Zoo finished and it is amazing!  Here is a little secret for you.  When you are looking for things to do in Cheshire you are also thinking about you spends right?  Then how about saving a little but on the ticket price at the zoo!  Call the Chester Tourism Office and see what discount they have but also you can pick-up tickets from Cheshire Oaks at the information hut at a discount too!  So why not give them a call to see what discount they can offer – you could use what you save to buy some goodies in and around Cheshire or plan more things to do in Cheshire too!



Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet – Save 10%

Things to Do Cheshire Oaks


Now what would a trip to Cheshire be without some shopping thrown in!  When we ask people what things they lie to do in Cheshire then one of the most popular things that comes up time and time again is a shopping trip to Cheshire Oaks.  Again, I don’t think there is much to say about this other than as a top ‘things to do in Cheshire’ activity (shopping is an activity right?) then you will be wanting to save a little of that hard earned cash at the same time?  One of the little secrets of Cheshire Oaks is that they have a 10% discount card that you can use on the day of your visit.  You have to plan a little in advance for this but just sign up (for free) on their site, print of the information and take it to the information kiosk for your discount card.  Do make sure this is still running before spending a fortune and look at the list they give you to make sure that the discount is valid in the store you want to splurge in!



Oulton Park

Oulton Park RacingThis is one for you speed demons and fans of racing.  We really do love Oulton Park as it has been providing thrills and gasps since the 1950’s and the area itself has a lot more history than just racing!  It has got driving experiences, track event s (of course) and so much more than we could rabbit on about here.  The chances are you already know about Oulton Park but if you don’t, then head over to their website here and see why we class this as one of the best things to do in Cheshire at this moment in time.






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