Places to eat in Cheshire

Places to eat in Cheshire – Our Faves so far!


eating in cheshire


We wanted to bring you some great places to eat in and around Cheshire!  We are hoping to build this list so if you want to be included here do get in touch and we will see what we can do!  In the mean time let’s start with a couple of our favorites!

Panama Hatty’s

Firstly we have Panama Hatty’s in Spurstow.  It’s a great restaurant with some delicious meals on it’s menu including the Sizzling Fajitas and the Classic House Burger.  It’s got something for everyone and has a Latin, South West American and Caribbean styled menu and so much more.  We’re beginning to sound like an advert now but it really is great.  You can join their Diners Club for some extra offers (which we obviously have!)  as well as tasting some delicious cocktails too!

It has made it onto our first list for a reason – because it’s great!

The Egerton Arms 

Our second and next on our fave places to eat in Cheshire is The Egerton Arms in Little Budworth.  Now….we are a little biased with this one as we love the village very much.  Not living there, we visit as often as we can as it has some great walks as well as being so close to Oulton Park.  SO when you’ve worked up a thirst and your belly needs to lovin’ the head to this pub!  It has some smashing food and some fab staff.  When we have eaten there (which is not often enough and we are due a visit soon!) we have come away happy bunnies.  You are right by the cricket ground in the Village and there is ample parking and seating areas.  There’s pizzas and burgers on the menu but, as with Panama Hatty’s, there is something for everyone (and yes even cocktails!)


You can see that there is only 2 places so far in our list and we are hoping to put some more great eating and drinking places when we see fit.  Do check them out as you won’t be disappointed!


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