Parks and Walks in Cheshire

Parks and Walks in Cheshire


Parks and walks in Cheshire


We wanted to add this section to our website as we think it will be one of the main reasons (among many) why people will visit Cheshire.  You have found your hotel or bed and breakfast Cheshire and now want to explore the county in a lot more detail.  Some prefer to take the train, others drive and bike, whilst some prefer to walk or cycle.  Whatever your fancy, there is something for everyone!

We can’t, of course, name all the glorious parks and walks in Cheshire, especially so as our site is still being updated.  So in the meantime we have started to add some of our favorites, starting with our local parks and walks to get this section started.  If you want to see any other parks or walks added (which I am sure many will!) then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your thoughts and we may add your reviews of these parks and walks to this section.


Little Budworth Country Park


LIttle budworth - Parks and walks in Cheshire


This has  to be one of our favorite places to walk.  There is so much wildlife to see as well as different grounds to explore, from the main woodlands to  natural ponds and heaths….not to forget staying safe from the bogs!

The lowland heath, according to ‘Your Rural Life’ is far and few between in Cheshire.  We agree.  There is plenty of heather to spot and some lovely wild flowers too.  We have given you a link to more information about this beautiful area below where it talks about the many birds you can here and the wildlife you may come across, including grass snakes and lizards!  But we wanted to point out a gorgeous site we often see, the woodpeckers.  We aren’t the best on birds and will be updating our own knowledge in the future, obviously the bed and breakfasts comes first, but we couldn’t help but notice the beautiful blue colors of this woodpecker and will hopefully add a picture so ……if we are quick enough!  If anyone has any information on this woodpecker species then please do get in touch and we can share that information right here.

You can find your way to Little Budworth Country Park by following the route to Oulton Park and the signs therein.  Do park in the designated areas and don’t forget to keep the park clean!

See more about Little Budworth Country Park here


Delamere Forest Park


Delamere Forest Parks and walks in Cheshire


This will be one many would have heard of and it’s not far from Little Budworth either.  It’s an expansive area that is used by tourists and locals alike, from cycling to walking, mountain biking to horse riding.  You will find the link between some long distance walks, namely the Sandstone Trail, Delamere Way and Baker way, although we have yet to do them all!

There is a visitors centre alongside other facilities (see link provided for further information) and parking although this may be charged.  Like Little Budworth Country Park, there are many things to see with regard to flora and fauna.  There are areas to eat and use the toilet facilities before those long walks!

We could walk for miles in Delamere, in all season.  There are so many areas to explore and each time we visit there is something new.  There are signs to point you in the right direction and there are usually plenty of friendly folk to send in the right way should you get a little lost!

See more about Delamere Forest here

We will be adding much more over the next few months as you can imagine it’s a big task to add so many wonderful tings to do in Cheshire!  But when you’re visiting Parks and Walks in Cheshire you will not be disappointed in any way…..we just hope you have a great and safe time exploring!

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