Hotels in Chester and beyond

Hotels in Chester and Beyond – some great deals


Hotels in Chester


We find here at Bed and Breakfast Cheshire that a lot of people are looking for hotels rather than bed and breakfasts so wanted to bring you a site that we think can offer some great hotels in Chester and beyond.  There are some great places to stay in and around Chester and we, of course, are biased towards Bed and Breakfasts as they often offer the smaller businesses a chance to compete in what is a very competitive market.  For hotels in Chester the market is very buoyant and we hope it is for bed and breakfasts too but we know that some people already know what they want and if you’re reading this then you are probably looking for a hotel in Chester rather than the aforementioned B & B – but please do consider Bed and Breakfasts (Cheshire) as well as hotels as there are some great places to stay!

Anyway – enough of me waffling.  Until our own bed and breakfast is up and running, if you had read our About Us page, then you will want to get a great deal on hotels in Chester and all around our gorgeous county (and beyond!) so take a look at what can offer below!  Whilst you’re here, did you know that we have some great ways in which you could save money at Cheshire Oaks and Chester Zoo?  No?  Then take a look at our page HERE before you search for that perfect Hotel in Chester!

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